Living a Solar Energy Lifestyle is available for everyone

Evolving Sunshine ~ Living Solar Lifestyle

Discover the benefits of solar for financial, home and environmental value.

What if you could sustain your Evolving Lifestyle with the Sun’s Energy?

What if it was affordable and covered your needs now and into the future?

What if you had someone who took care of each step of the way for a quick, easy transition so you can still take care of your home renovations, your kids, your work and family?

In a Quick call, we can answer your questions and any thoughts on what is holding you back from getting solar so we can offer solutions and help make it happen for you.

Start with a 5 min chat to get your solar exploring started.

You’re covered with Solar Experts and the Information to Choose what your Lifestyle calls for.


Schedule a short Q/A call to get clarity on if your home is right for solar.


Are you passionate about our earth, promoting solar and sharing with others? Chat with us to learn how we can benefit you.


Find out how you can join to become a consultant and what opportunities are available for you.

In nature, nothing exists alone.

~ Rachel Carlson

Jen Heine ~ Evolving Sunshine

Official Instagram: @evolving_sunshine_energy

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